Sound is the language of the Universe and when expressed from the heart, can be understood in any dimension, any time and any space.


– Jennifer Starlight –
Meet Magnolia Meditation


Authenticity is important. To me, the simplest and most profound way of living authentically is through quieting the mind and listening deeply. Through sound, we create space for connection, soul care, and self-compassion, whether you’re stressed & disconnected or curious & seeking more.

Our East Nashville Studio space and practices around deep listening to serve as a peaceful corner for you to slow down and find respite from the hectic pace of modern life. A place where you can allow yourself to simply be as you are today while creating space for possibility and connection. Here we honor what is present with compassion and kindness so that we can awaken to a life of joy, receptivity, and abundance. Simply through listening.

This practice is available to everyone and for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you can’t touch your toes, who you voted for, or if you know what a chakra is…

Give yourself permission to allow for it all.  Tune in to what’s happening beneath the surface, and I’ll be here as a system of support for you. Let this be your time of self-discovery, curious exploration, and creating space to remember who you are and that you’re not alone.

You just might walk out lighter, less stressed, and feeling more connected to yourself.

Welcome to SOUND mind + body.

listen. receive. explore.

The Round Window Membership

The Round Window can mean many things. Whether it’s the Moon itself, the pupil of your eye, or the entry to your ear, it’s metaphor for a space of pure creation and transformation. My hope for this membership is for you to tune back into your sense of curiosity and wonder while giving you tools to build a relationship with the most sacred parts of yourself.


SOUND mind + body

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Ann brings a gentle yet powerful, sound bath experience for the mind and body. She invites deep rest and relaxation through this unique meditation – a journey of self-inquiry.


– Nina Carter | Creative Director, BMI –