This course will begin with an introduction to sound therapy and will explore the inner workings of deep listening and expression through mantra and vocal toning, the science of sound, and philosophy behind sound as it relates to the practice of embodiment. We will Learn how sound can deepen meditative states and how to incorporate these tools into everyday life. The course will offer tools and techniques necessary for integrating meditative sound and the accompaniment of sound into the participants’ personal practice, communities and group classes. There is no prerequisite for this module – anyone can join, and it is open to all.

We will explore:

  • Deep listening exploration

  • Science of Sound

  • Safety in Sound Facilitation

  • Healing properties of instruments and their application / techniques

  • Sounding through the Chakras

  • Sound in Collaboration

January 20 @ 17:00 — January 22 @ 17:00
5:00 pm — 5:00 pm (48h)

2623 Gallatin Pike Nashville TN 37216

Ann Sensing

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