Liminal, a duo project from sound artist Ann Sensing and producer Lawson White, is a live, immersive art experience that delves into the boundary between awareness and the dream state – the blurred space between being awake and being asleep. This piece is improvised and seeks to capture the transient moments where the conscious mind begins to drift into unconsciousness, exploring the fluid transition between these two states using curated space and sound vehicles.

Liminal is an experiential journey that invites visitors to explore and reflect on the fluid and often mysterious boundaries between the known threshold of comfort and the unknown threshold of vulnerability and necessary risk one must take to grow. By immersing listeners in a highly attuned multi-sensory environment, the installation aims to evoke a deeper understanding and appreciation of the felt experience of life’s undisclosed and complex nature, as well as to deepen the capacity of trust in oneself to stay the course of authenticity while residing in such uncertainty.

Lobe is a spatial sound studio in Vancouver, BC that operates as both a place to create in and as a space for the presentation of new work. Founded in 2020, Lobe is the first dedicated spatial sound studio in North America to work with a permanently integrated 4DSOUND system – an array of speakers across the ceiling and under the floor, in conjunction with custom-designed vibroacoustic floor panels, entirely surrounding the listener in an immersive and haptic listening experience. Using 4DSOUND technology, sound ebbs and flows, forming sonic environments holographically and without perceivable sources.

July 18 @ 22:00
10:00 pm — 11:30 pm (1h 30′)

Lobe Sound Studio

Ann Sensing, Lawson White

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