a training and mentorship in a one-on-one, in-person or virtual setting


Hi. Thank you for being here. If you find yourself reading this page, you’ve probably sought it out. I imagine you’ve either heard of this program from someone you trust, or you’re curious… seeking… looking for a different kind of path, one that is lived from the inside out.


When I first started on my own journey of becoming a sound practitioner, I found myself inspired… and also overwhelmed. I felt scared of the way I was going to be seen, having had a life-changing experience through my own training and not knowing how people I loved would receive that. I feared I was going to be judged, having come from a traditional southern and very structured background. I learned to lean in to the whisper deep inside that called me to trust my gifts…. and it’s the reverence I hold for this work that has given me the courage to keep going in the face of that fear, year after year. I’ve come to learn that sound as a healing modality is much larger than my fear, and it has the capacity to hold it all….when facilitated with integrity and deep understanding.


I feel compelled to focus on upholding the integrity of this work through the teaching and mentoring of it. One thing that’s true about me is that I respect and hold dearly the facilitation of sound – and when it comes to this work, it is personal, vulnerable, and true. Here, we go deep. We do not cut corners, nor do we live for the spotlight. We are not performers, and if we’re facilitating with respect, the sound will speak for itself. It will echo out far past our own lives…


For me, this work has completely shifted my way of being, living, and moving through the world. And this path is available for you as well. This program offers a way to shift the paradigm of our grind culture from one of productivity to one of being rooted in rest, allowing you to connect with something deeper that is bigger and beyond yourself. You get out of it as little or as much as you put into it. We are not supposed to be living our lives based on what a screen (or anything else) tells us is right or wrong, good or bad, positive or negative. This is a disruption to the system as we know it, a reclamation of our bodies as sovereign, and a remembering.  The way we get there is through deep listening. What our intuition has to offer us is unique and wise, and it goes against everything the system wants us to pay attention to. It’s up to us to create the space in order to hear it. If we want to see a changed world, we must first see the world as it is….and then choose differently. We must choose change, and that means starting with ourselves.

Ann Sensing // S O U N D
Welcome to the Sensing Sound Mentorship.


In this deep dive into the world of sound and listening, we examine the sacred, the science, and the timeless experience of presence. Throughout this process and time spent learning this art form, you will get to know and discover yourself and your capabilities in new ways. This program offers a safe and supported container for sound exploration to anyone willing and ready to receive it.


You will develop both the skills and the experience needed to lead and facilitate sound journeys consciously and successfully throughout our time together. This program is both a mentorship and a training, meaning we will diligently move through each immersion-style module with intention and understanding, and my main priority will be to support you every step of the way.

No experience required. Open to all. Space is limited.


There will be self-exploration exercises, hands-on learning with instruments (you’ll need to have your own if taking virtually), and practices to implement on your own time. This is nothing short of a commitment, so please consider carefully and mindfully. Another important note: This work has the potential to bring up past traumas and/ or “stuck” emotions throughout our process of learning together. Often times, we don’t recognize we are healing until we have a clearer perspective of it. Please approach with the utmost respect and discernment. It’s important to have the scope and capacity needed to hold all we will be learning.





S O U N D mind & body

2623 Gallatin Pike

Nashville, TN 37216





10 weeks 

  • meet once/ week 10:30am-3:30pm OR 5 hours/ week in a worked-out scheduling structure
  • Module 1 – weeks 1-3
  • Module 2 – weeks 4-6
  • Module 3 – weeks 7-9
  • Final – week 10


In the Sensing Sound Mentorship, we explore and learn what it means to connect and listen deeply, how to develop our relationship with the mind, body, and spirit, and how to authentically hold healing space for sound with integrity and intention. All in-person. This program is designed to give you everything you need to begin facilitating sound meditations as soon as you complete it.

Module 1 // Relating to Sound

In this first month together, we will learn how to receive, listen, and establish the foundation for the entire training: our practice. We’ll be learning to build relationship with sound, connect to our inner voice of truth, and learn how to integrate these practices into daily life.


Module 2 // Holding Space for Sound

In the second module, we expand what we learn in month 1 into application. This is when we will learn about holding space and the responsibilities that come with that, as well as the role of improvisation. We will cover the dynamics of one-on-one sound therapy and explore using the voice as a healing modality. We will also be diving into technique and learning how to play various tools that can be used to facilitate a sound experience.


Module 3 // Sharing Sound

In the third and final module, we gather all we’ve learned in the first two months and learn the steps to take in sharing it. Here, we cover what it takes to facilitate sound in any space / environment with integrity, as well as how to adapt to various spaces and situations. We also go over methodology in creating a sound bath and learn implementation of self-care rituals to best support your energy in practice and beyond.

  • 10% off any set of crystal singing bowls (or bowl) to begin (or add to) your sound journey as a practitioner
  • 1 free class / month at S O U N D mind + body
  • Beginner’s Set of Biosonic Tuning Forks w/ guidebook
  • connection, growth, healing, and learning under Ann’s guidance
  • walk away with the ability to facilitate sound journeys with confidence, understanding, and respect using a specialized method
  • rare opportunities to apprentice sound experiences that sets you up to begin leading and facilitating immediately (in-person only)
  • an all-inclusive trip to the Memphis Gong Chamber to experience the legendary space and immerse in a gong bath (in-person only)
  • a field trip to Holiday Bathhouse to explore therapeutics (in-person only)
  • certificate of completion, given all requirements have been met by the end of the training
  • your presence – a commitment to the curriculum is required in order to receive certificate of completion.
  • your willingness to show up (as with any training or class, your focus and studentship are expected to be priorities)
  • an open mind
  • an existing meditation / awareness practice



In-Person: $7,500

    Virtual: $7,000

available payment plan:

In-Person: $750 / wk. for 10 weeks

    Virtual: $700 / wk. for 10 weeks


*no refunds*

Ready to take the leap?