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There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.


– Rumi –



Sound baths are a great introductory way to experience how sound can be used as a healing modality and tool for positive change in your life. This soothing 75-minute immersion is the perfect way to slow down for a change in the midst of our fast-paced, modern world. Come to my private sound studio where attendees are propped up on blankets and pillows and immersed in the sounds of crystal singing bowls, gong, Koshi wind chimes, Biosonic tuning forks, and/or other instruments to enjoy a deep state of relaxation. Open to individual sessions or private group sessions, up to 7.





Interested in owning a set of singing bowls for your own space or home? Ready to find your soul-bowl or set? Book a bowl consultation to come visit the “wall of sound” to find out which ones you are drawn to. I will help you hone which ones speak to you and give you one-on-one time to get to play and know the bowls themselves. This hour-long consultation includes intuitive guidance, technique with mallets, and hands-on playing time with the bowls. I never like to pressure a purchase, but also keep in mind the full price of this consultation goes toward any Crystal Tones© Alchemy Singing Bowl purchase.





Treating with sound individually can be more therapeutic and healing by nature. Working one-on-one with specific sound tools, we are able to treat specific needs in a private setting and customize the sound experience. During this 75-minute treatment, we begin with an energetic clearing followed by the use of instruments directly on or over the body (think tuning forks or bowls) to attune the mind and body harmonically. Treatments may also include mindful meditation guidance, vocal toning work, and/or gentle movement.





Experience our deepest offering as you immerse yourself in all that is Sound. This 2-hour session gives you a glimpse into all our offerings, taking you to the next level of your most intriguing curiosities. Lay down for a unique, personalized sound bath, and then spend some time getting to learn about and play with the instruments as Ann teaches and guides you into any area you’d like to workshop. This is a wonderful offering if you think you may be interested in our sound training program and might be on the fence about fully committing. Or perhaps you’re simply wanting to learn more about the instruments and are looking for some individualized guidance. There is room here for experience, play, learning, as well as an opportunity to purchase bowls and tuning forks if you’d like. Open to all, no experience necessary. 1-7 ppl.



I had a wonderful and deeply peaceful sound meditation with Ann. She has a soothing voice that helped me drop in and stay centered. So much so that I experienced a profound shift during the session from thinking about my thoughts to feeling my experience – and for that I’m grateful. Treat yourself with a session with Ann!


– Geoffrey Louis Koch –

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