Selenite Crystal Bowl, Aqua Aura 10″



Selenite is the sonic wand of healing. The sound of selenite can be directed with loving intention to work on specific areas of the body or to eliminate etheric disharmony, dis-ease or blocked energy. Selenite attracts and expresses the pure light of our multidimensional source. Influencing the balance of the analytical mind aspect and transmuting blockages that give rise to disharmony, Aqua Marine Gold lovingly entrains the auric fields for quantum shifting and activating.

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  • 10″ – A +20 – Selenite Bowl, Aqua Aura Marine Gold | Light and energy transmitter, clears blockages, magnifier, divine masculine, clears analytical, morphing
  • Suede Mallet
  • Rubber O-ring


Each bowl we carry in stock is unique – and the only one of it’s kind! If you are interested in a specific bowl or set, but an item is not available, please contact me at

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