7″ B-45 Azeztulite + Grandmother Crystal Bowl


Azeztulite embodies a celestial connector of the “I AM” energy, transmitting the collective frequency of the universal light above and below, resulting in a third dimensional energy field for expanding consciousness. The connection energy of love and caring. Embraces your spirit’s ageless feminine wisdom and the spiraling DNA of creation/ birth. The consciousness of a life well lived and lived courageously.

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  • 7″ B-45 Azeztulite + Grandmother Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowl
  • Azeztulite – I AM presence, tube of light-portal, inter-dimensional travel
  • Grandmother – grandmother path, ageless wisdom, nurturing
  • Silicone Mallet
  • Rubber O-ring


All bowls we carry are top of the line Crystal Tones™ crystal alchemy singing bowls, made of the highest quality (99.9% pure) quartz crystal and gemstone alchemies. As an official distributor for Crystal Tones™, each bowl we carry in stock is unique – and the only one of it’s kind! Item available for in-store pickup, or shipping will be calculated at checkout, and item will be shipped the next business day. If you are interested in a specific bowl or set, but the item is not available, please contact me at ann@annsensingsound.com and we can find you what you’re looking for.

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