9″ B-35 St. Germain Sky Crystal Bowl


St. Germain crystal alchemy bowl is made of Pink Gold and Platinum. The St. Germain/Violet Flame bowls are
powerful master teachers. Through St. Germain Alchemy comes the wisdom of
ascension. It supports the embodiment of high vibrational Source Energy in our
physical body. It holds the energy of Divinity in action through our humanness.

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  • 9″ B-35 St. Germain Sky Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowl
  • Pink gold – dimensions of the heart, grounded love, calmness
  • Platinum – divine feminine, harmonizer, elegance
  • Silicone Mallet
  • Rubber O-ring


All bowls we carry are top of the line Crystal Tones™ crystal alchemy singing bowls, made of the highest quality (99.9% pure) quartz crystal and gemstone alchemies. As an official distributor for Crystal Tones™, each bowl we carry in stock is unique – and the only one of it’s kind! Item available for in-store pickup, or shipping will be calculated at checkout, and item will be shipped the next business day. If you are interested in a specific bowl or set, but the item is not available, please contact me at ann@annsensingsound.com and we can find you what you’re looking for.

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