Carnelian Gem Foot Attachment – 15mm


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We recommend placing your 15mm Carnelian  gem foot on your Biosonic  Otto 128 tuning fork.
It comes with a little Alan wrench and is easy to fit over the stem of the tuning fork and screw right on. This makes the gem feet interchangeable , you can switch them and use different ones. (put link in here)
This beautiful reddish stabilizing stone, means “Flesh” in Latin,
Stimulates the libido, detox for the body. brings vitality .
Also called the Artists stone- stimulates warms the heart, love , passion.
Also known as the Singers Stone- for shy people so they can speak up and be heard
When you tap your tuning fork with the gem foot you select on it, you are conducting the sound of the tuning fork through the stone, picking up the qualities of that stone. Sound amplifies the healing effects of the gem it vibrates through, thus transmitting those qualities ,and amplifying their healing effects