Clear Quartz Gem Foot Attachment – 15 mm


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Our gem feet are hand crafted in West Germany. The clear crystal and rose quartz come from Madagascar. The base is made of non-magnetic stainless steel. The quality is exceptional.

It is easy to attach a Gem Foot to fit on your Otto 128 as shown in the photo. Please know the Gem Feet are made to work with our Biosonic tuning forks. We can’t guarantee they will work on other brands. Just click on More Details.

Clear quartz crystal gem foot:

The universal healing stone, channels the energy of all stones through intention focused through the stone that sets it in oscillation.
Place stone on your body, feel the vibration coming through the sound.
Crystals are channels of light.
Sound intensifies the light.
Crystals are receptacles for healing.

To attach: 1. Place the Gem Foot to the base of the stem of the tuning fork. 2. Use the enclosed allen wrench to secure the Gem Foot to the tuning fork by tightening the tiny screw. Please do not over tighten or it is possibe you will strip the tiny screw. 3. You do not have to use the back plastic screw also included in the package.

The gem tip will fit securely on the stem, you don’t have to tighten too hard, just enough so you can easily take it on and off.

After the gem foot is attached, hold the stem of the fork and gem in your hand. You can also just hold the gem. Tap the tuning fork with the weighted end on your knee, outer palm of hand or any other similar semi-soft surface (an orange works great!). Once the tuning fork is activated, place the gem on any part of your body that you would like to vibrate.

Hold until the vibration stops, about 30 seconds.
Don’t place more than 2 times in one spot on the body. One spot on body is 3 inches apart from each point worked on.
This action will vibrate bones, easing inflammation, stimulating the spiking of nitric oxide, jumpstarting your metabolism, reorganizing and rejuvenating the body.