S O U N D Retreats have been created to give you the time, space, and grace to take a pause from your day-to-day life and rather tune inward to your core essence of being. These deep listening experiences are intended to offer you guidance in a safe and supportive environment that will show you more of your light, how to move and choose from within, and bring you back to your natural rhythms.


We keep it simple, allowing for full integration of these powerful realizations. Nourishing, clean food. Presence over perfection. Zero expectation. Less is more, and nature is our keeper.


Curated and held with compassion and reverence, S O U N D retreats serve as your slice of silence, a much needed rest and reset in our fast-paced, rapidly changing world. Listen deeply, and come back to yourself. Re-member who you are.


Fall Into Sound @ Gray Bear Lodge

10.20 – 10.23

Unplug, rest, and reset in the beauty of the magical Gray Bear experience. Immerse yourself in nature’s abundance, multiple sound baths, meditations, and ample free time to let the mind and body wander / wonder. Wood-fired sauna and hot tub, natural spring cold plunge, various streams and waterfalls, wholesome organic meals made with love and devotion….and more, all awaiting your arrival.

The Venus Retreat

9.16 – 9.22

The Venusian Way is to embody the way of love, health, ease, abundance and gratitude. It is the way of the Goddess.

Co-leading with Bethany Joy and Ruthie Lindsey in Tulum, Mexico.

S O U N D + S I L E N C E

3.18 | 3.19 | 3.20


S O U N D + S I L E N C E has been carefully curated by Ann Sensing to be held over the Spring Equinox weekend of 2022 in the beautiful, quiet setting of Penuel Ridge Retreat Center located located in the deep woods of Tennessee.


These single-day retreats are the perfect opportunity to reset and reawaken. Choose from one of these three sessions – Friday, Saturday or Sunday.