listen. receive. explore.


The round window is a portal to listen, receive, and explore.

It serves as an accessible way to engage with sound healing and self-energy practices while creating time for pause for anyone and everyone. Overall, my hope for this membership is for you to tune back into your sense of curiosity and wonder while giving you tools to build a relationship with the most sacred parts of yourself.

Another part of this portal is getting in tune with the rhythms of nature. When we align with Mother Nature’s natural rhythms, based on the cycles of the moon, we synchronize with something greater than ourselves and allow space for magic to happen. I’ve created this window because it provides connection, eases the mind, and nourishes the soul. We’ll listen, play, and have fun together! Because that’s what it’s about….finding your own authentic way of incorporating these practices into your daily life and having a safe space to come to find community.

I hope it can serve as one way for you to find consistency in your spiritual practice if you so choose to use it that way. Bringing intentionality to our lives can put perspective to how we are constantly surrounded by beauty. When we slow down and take the time to acknowledge it, we are fulfilled and lifted in spirit.

The Round Window can mean many things. Whether it’s the Moon itself, the pupil of your eye, or the entry to your ear, its metaphor for a space of pure creation and transformation.

When I was learning about the anatomy of the ear and how sound waves travel to the brain, I learned about a small opening past the eardrum in the middle ear called the round window. This is the space that essentially allows for proper movement of fluid through the middle ear, which activates auditory receptors going to the brain. Without it, there would be no ventilation for releasing the pressure in our ears. I like to think that this portal we are creating together is like the space between the breaths, the grace of how we listen, and the opportunity to create a more fluid way of living.

Circles and cycles go on for infinity, providing yet another chance to begin again. This is what The Round Window can provide for you – another chance.

the round window

Membership Benefits

Every month you can expect a variety of offerings from Ann related to the monthly theme. This means each month, you’ll receive:

  • Welcome note from Ann to guide you in opening up to the new theme
  • Card Pull
  • Journal Prompts
  • Set and Setting
  • Ritual
  • Guided Meditation supporting the monthly theme
  • New Moon Sound Meditation
  • Full Moon Sound Meditation
  • Sound Bath for Integration
  • Private Community space to connect with Ann and other members

In addition to the flow of monthly content, we’ll release special bonus content for you to enjoy. There will be occasional teachings based on unique astrological events, live Zoom hangs, and more!


Annual Membership // $333 per year
Monthly Membership // $33 per month
Ann Sensing // S O U N D

Meet Ann Sensing


Hi, I’m Ann.

I like to think I’m here to remind you of how beautiful you are – that your life is precious and that your gifts are just awaiting your discovery, right beneath the surface of how society tells us to live. It feeds my heart and soul to be with you on your journey into deep listening, and to witness the transformative qualities sound can have on one’s life is what I enjoy most about my work. It’s like watching a flower bloom for the first time.

What’s most important to me is living a life of authenticity, and the way I do that is always by listening first. I incorporate mindfulness, deep relaxation techniques, and somatic-based guidance as the basis of my approach to working with others. As a student, mother and teacher, I practice to uncover the fire of liberating wisdom in everyday experience.

Ann Sensing
Certified Sound Practitioner | Sound Artist | Meditation Instructor | Hatha & Restorative Yoga Teacher | Intuitive Healer