coming 2023

 /sound/ n: the sensation produced by stimulation of the organs of hearing by vibrations transmitted through the air or other medium.

al·che·my // n: based on the transformation of matter; turning something ordinary into something extraordinary



Welcome to the makings of this 200-hour Sound Practitioner Program. We will dive deep into the sacred, the science, and the timeless experience of sound with full guidance. And maybe most importantly, you will get to know and discover yourself and your capabilities in new ways. This program offers a safe and supported container for sound exploration, while taking our time, to anyone willing and ready to receive it. You will develop both the skills and the experience needed to lead and facilitate sound meditations consciously and successfully throughout our time together. This program is both a mentorship and a training, meaning we will diligently move through each immersion-style module with intention and understanding, and my main priority will be to support you every step of the way. Special guests and more to be announced in the near future. No experience required. Open to all. Space is limited.


There will be self-exploration exercises, group and partner work, hands-on learning with instruments, and practices to implement on your own time. This is nothing short of a commitment, so please consider carefully and mindfully. If you know somewhere deep down this has been calling you, then all you have to say is yes. Details coming soon…





S O U N D mind & body

2623 Gallatin Pike

Nashville, TN 37216




  • 10% off any set of crystal singing bowls (or bowl) to begin (or add to) your sound journey as a practitioner
  • optional quarterly bowl consultation with Ann
  • set of Solar Harmonic Biosonics Tuning Forks (8 pieces) w/ guidebook
  • connection, growth, healing, and learning under Ann’s guidance
  • walk away with the ability to facilitate sound baths and sound meditations with confidence, understanding, and respect using a specialized method
  • rare opportunities to apprentice and facilitate sound experiences in the middle TN area
  • fun field trips 🙂
  • certificate of completion, given all requirements have been met by the end of the training
  • lunch is included for all weekend training sessions



  • your presence – real-time attendance is preferred in order to receive certificate of completion. However, missed weekends can be made up
  • your willingness to show up and do the work (as with any training or class, your focus and studentship are expected to be priorities)
  • an open mind
  • meditation experience is not required, although it is encouraged to have an existing or current meditation/ yoga/ awareness practice
Ready to take the leap?