holding space for sound with integrity


We are so excited to be joining the small business community in East Nashville. Located at 2623 Gallatin Pike, we serve as an intimate space for deep listening experiences and community events. We are available for private sessions by appointment, and we offer weekly events open to the public (see below for schedule).


Meet our Teachers!


Ann Sensing

Ann is the owner and founder of SOUND mind + body. Ann brings her experience as a Certified Sound Practitioner, Sound Artist, Meditation Instructor, Hatha & Restorative Yoga Teacher, and Intuitive Healer to the SOUND space.

“I like to think I’m here to remind you of how beautiful you are – that your life is precious and that your gifts are just awaiting your discovery, right beneath the surface…”

Ann shares her heart and soul to guide others on their journey into deep listening.  She’s here to  experience and witness the transformative qualities sound can have on one’s life. In each class she incorporates mindfulness, deep relaxation techniques, and somatic-based guidance as the basis of her approach to working with others. As a student, mother and teacher, she practices to uncover the fire of liberating wisdom in the everyday experience.


Sarah Huffman

We are thrilled to have Sarah Huffman also working in the space here at S O U N D mind + body. Sarah’s lifework is to foster loving healing for others through sound, energy, and compassion. Through her practice, she creates a cocoon of protective energy where you can experience absolute calm and stillness in both the mind and the body. Sarah guides you to your inner world using a gentle heart and energy healing. You can learn more about Sarah and book with her here:


Stephanie Brown

Guided by her curiosity and reverence for the human experience, Stephanie integrates ancient holistic philosophies into transformational contemporary experiences. With a healthy dose of light hearted humor, Yoga, Ayurveda and Somatics inform intuitive movement, breath practices, self-massage, and Yoga Nidra meditation journeys. She has had the privilege of crafting and facilitating relaxation odysseys in various capacities and environments for thousands of people over the last twenty years. 


Kasey Grey

Kasey Grey is a certified sound practitioner, meditation teacher, and co-founder of Sound Off Collective—a mindfulness community exploring the intersection of sound and well-being.

After years of both studying and practicing Zen and mindfulness meditation and psychoacoustics, she discovered sound to be a soft and transformational tool for unlocking the rich benefits of listening. Whether Kasey is teaching through words, sounds, or the silence between, her great love for weaving ancient wisdom with contemporary science is her guiding throughline. Her teaching style is simultaneously light, deep, pragmatic, and joyful because no two definitions of well-being are the same. Kasey believes that creating a balanced and meaningful life amidst our modern world could be more seamless by making diverse spiritual practices and integrative well-being more accessible and practical. Kasey’s vision is to hold space for deep listening so those she works with might cultivate tools for their own healing, creativity, happiness, and connection.


Delaney McBride

Delaney has a deep passion for helping others on their journey of becoming at home with their mind, body, and spirit. She is the owner of Hand to Heart Wellness, where she utilizes her qualifications as a Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Sound Practitioner, and Holistic Relationship Coach to create a safe space for you to feel your absolute best. While teaching, Delaney uses guided meditation and sound alchemy to ease you into a space of deep listening, restoration, and relaxation. With her offerings, you can expect your entire being to be ushered into a state of deep peace and sweet stillness.


Candice Vaden

Candice is a Certified Sound Practitioner who brings to her practice a reverence for deep listening and a belief in the power of space and stillness.  She has had the privilege of holding space for women while working in traditional medicine, and she brings this same gentle care to her sound offerings.  She honors the body’s innate ability to heal, and has found that what we need most is often already residing within us, just waiting to emerge.  By respecting the individual journey and using trauma aware practices, she seeks to encourage deep alignment, hold space for healing, and give opportunities for creative expansion in each of her offerings.  Candice believes that the path to our truest self is accessible to all who listen with courage and curiosity. 


Jessalynn Hakanson

 A seeker at the core of her being, Jessalynn has deep devotion to healing arts and Source energy. This devotion moves through her studies in yoga, Ayurveda, breath, body, sound, and energy work. She creates containers for Spiritual alignment through service in her sessions, trainings, workshops, and retreats. 

 Jessalynn is a yoga educator, light worker, a licensed massage therapist, and prays daily that her life be an instrument of Divine Mother’s Embrace. 

She lives to love and serve with gratitude her community and a family full of furry times and tenacious spirits who are her greatest teachers 🙂

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